Personalised Labels Delivered Directly to Your Pharmacy!

Personalised Labels Delivered Directly to Your Pharmacy!



You will never be charged for plates no matter how many times you might change the design

Welcome to PharmacyLabels.Direct,  a totally unique and innovative solution that streamlines the design and ordering processes of pharmacy dispensing labels. In a matter of a very few minutes you can design your customised labels, choose colours, fonts and logos on our clever and user-friendly platform, then the order goes straight to the factory for printing – no further artwork or proofing required.  All our labels are direct thermal paper with peelable adhesive, making it easy to remove them – only if you have to – without leaving behind any residue.

The concept is the brainchild of Tim Ducksbury, a trusted and well known veteran of the Labels and Printing industry. PharmacyLabels.Direct might be a new concept, but it is based on Tim’s experiences of being responsible for the supply of hundreds of millions of pharmacy dispensing labels over the last few years, and he is a recognised name to Pharmacy businesses all over the UK. His vision was to remove the ‘clunky’ processes involved in normal day-to-day designing and ordering of this critical line, and by making the whole workflow from ordering to delivery more streamlined, the savings are there to be passed on to your business. That’s exactly what he’s achieved here, and important industry figures have seen and approved it. The challenge to you is to set your watch and we think that before 15 minutes has passed you can have designed your label and sent the order directly to the factory, it really is that easy.

So how about giving your labels a fresh new look? Or if you use plain labels, by adding in your personalised details for surprisingly little extra cost, you’ll have a smart new look to them. You can favourably compare our prices to anyone’s in the marketplace – and remember you will never be charged for plates no matter how many times you might change the design and you will never be charged delivery.  We are the only Labels supplier out there that offers this level of service.

When you have had your first order and need some more, just scan the QR code on one of your rolls and it will take you to the website where you can re-order with the click of a button. Your new order will arrive just days later.

PharmacyLabels.Direct will save you money, deliver quickly, and take all the hassle out of ordering – oh and did we mention you will never be charged for plates no matter how many sorts you order or how many times you might change the design ? Maybe so, but it’s worth mentioning again.

Please go to the FAQ’s page, this should answer all your specific questions but if you have a different topic to discuss please call 01773 432499 or send us a message and we’ll come right back to you.


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To get registered to our portal we need a bit of information to get started.


Use our customised design tool to create your label.

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Confirm your design, choose your quantity, place your order and pay


With complete peace of mind your Pharmacy Labels will be delivered within 7 working days




Prices include all plates and delivery charges, but not VAT.



This solution is designed to give you complete confidence that your Labels will be perfect every time because what you design and see on the screen is exactly what you will get. Online personalisation is big business now, our system works exactly the same way. No graphic designers, no emails going back and forth, you’re in control – and because it streamlines the workflow it keeps costs down and you get your labels quicker

Yes you can upload your company logo in pdf or jpeg formats, we’ll then see if it is suitable for us to be able to add it to the range of standard logos that you will see when you log in. Alternatively you can email to us first, we’ll take it from there.

There are no charges for the artwork as you are doing the design yourself!

No. We will never charge for plates regardless of how many times you might want to change the label design between orders. Nobody else offers this.

Delivery is free to any address in mainland UK.

Yes. The minimum is 96 rolls – you’ll receive those in boxes with 48 rolls in each, there are 1,000 labels on each roll. But feel free to order as many as you want.

We accept any Debit and Credit Cards, and Paypal. Unfortunately we cannot accept any other form of payment. This process helps us keep costs down that we pass on to you.

This is very important and must be correct. As your Labels are printing we need to know if the top or the bottom of the Label appears first, we have provided a graphic to help you that should help explain it clearly. If you are still not clear then ring us. Please note that if the information you provide is incorrect and you receive Labels that are the wound the wrong way we cannot accept any of the costs of the rectifying actions.

Yes absolutely. What will happen is that each new Label will get a new reference number for when re-ordering is needed

Log on, find the label using the unique reference number or click on the template, and hit the ‘re-order’ button.

Absolutely. In a matter of minutes you will have created your Dispensing Label really easily. In return for using us, we will always guarantee tip-top service, ultra-competitive pricing, and we are the only company that will NEVER charge for plates no matter how many times you change the label.

All our labels are Premium Quality Top Coated, with Peelable adhesive. These materials have been tried and tested in Pharmacy for many years. The coating protects against marking easily and from spillages, and they won’t turn black when exposed to prolonged periods of direct sunlight. You can test if you currently use an ‘Economy’ label with no protection by running your nail across the surface and see how easily it marks.